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Charlie is a young man living in the state of Florida, whose relative location will not be disclosed in order to preserve his safety. He is a YouTube content creator, and has been so since 2007.

He has a minor music career in that he has made at least one video, 2019 Guy, in a style intended to parody men holding ‘anti-science’ views, unhealthy obsession with Japan (weeaboos), internet users in general, and things that could be considered ‘beta male’ behavior.

Moistcr1tikal Merch


One night, the demon of death named Yogg-Saron, was scrolling trough Youtube, and finds a certain stream (Charlies stream). For some unkown reason he attempts to kill the stream, using his dark demonic powers he traps Charlie in a time paradox.

While reading his donations, Charlie hears faint echoes of himself, confused he says things such as “Why is this just looping” and “What the fuck is going on”. His repeated cries becoming louder and louder until they eventualy subside, due to Charlie staying quiet.

After a discussion with his audience, Charlie comes to the realiseation that his stream was tampered by Yogg.